NEW BOOK - Machine Learning: A Constrained-Based Approach
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2018-01-27 19:05:40 UTC
Dear all,

this is to announce a new book on Machine Learning that I've just published.



I hope you enjoy it! Below you find key features and quotes.

Best regards, Marco

• It is an introductory book for all readers who love in-depth explanations of
fundamental concepts.
• It is intended to stimulate questions and help a gradual conquering of basic methods, more than offering “recipes for cooking.”
• It proposes the adoption of the notion of constraint as a truly unified treatment of nowadays most common machine learning approaches, while combining the strength of logic formalisms dominating in the AI community.
• It contains a lot of exercises along with the answers, according to a slight modification of Donald Knuth’s difficulty ranking.
• It comes with a companion Web site to assist more on practical issues.


This very interesting book brings a fresh look at machine learning and deep learning from the broad point of view in which learning corresponds to satisfying constraints, encompassing the perceptual as well as the symbolic, soft as well as hard constraints.

Yoshua Bengio, Université de Montréal

A real tour-de-force across the landscape of a field -- machine learning -- which is developing very rapidly and is transforming a large swath of today's science and engineering of intelligence.

Tomaso Poggio, MIT

A fairly comprehensive and original book on machine learning, including deep learning, written from a constraint-based perspective where Marco Gori shares his passion for the topic with his reader. The book comes also with a set of useful problems, exercises, solutions, as well as a companion web site.

Pierre Baldi, University of California Irvine
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2018-01-27 22:26:03 UTC
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Dear all,
this is to announce a new book on Machine Learning that I've just published.
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