The 2018 TeX Users Group Annual General Meeting
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2017-04-29 13:15:21 UTC
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The TUG conference starts today. Usually, the AGM is part of the conference.

Three days ago (Wednesday 26 April), I told the Board that they'd not announced the AGM. As a result, a page on the GUST website was changed, to say that the TUG AGM would take place tomorrow (Sunday 30 April), together with the GUST AGM.

Two days ago, I asked the Board to say for me, at this meeting, that it cannot properly be called the TUG AGM, because TUG members have not been told about this meeting, and TUG reports have not been made available.

I also asked the Board to ask on my behalf, at the meeting, some questions. They are:

1. What is the present membership of TUG? What was it at roughly the same time in 2015 and 2016?

2. How much has TUG spent in 2016 on legal expenses?

3. Have any actual or potential conflicts of interest been reported to the TUG Board?

4. If so, what action has the Board taken as a result?

I look forward, in due course, to hearing the answers to these questions.

I am sending this message to comp.text.tex, members (at) tug.org and board (at) tug.org.
2017-04-29 13:35:04 UTC
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J.Fine wrote (as subject): The 2018 TeX Users Group Annual General Meeting.

-1. Should be 2017!