Enrico Gregorio's candidate statement for TUG Board
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2017-02-09 17:46:36 UTC
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Copied from http://tug.org/election/2017/candidates.html#gregorio
Enrico is one of 14 candidates for 10 TUG Board vacancies.

Biography: I am associate professor of Algebra since 1992, currently at the University of Verona (Italy).

I'm active in TeX related matters since I started loving it, which was around 1986. I'm the author of a LaTeX programming book in Italian and a member of GuIT, the Italian TeX users group, which I also served as president and board member.

Since 1996 I deliver a LaTeX course at my Department, which is academically recognized and grants two credits to students who follow it and get their assignments approved.

I am quite active at the tex.stackexchange.com site, being the highest reputation member, with the nickname egreg and also in the GuIT forum as egreg9.

I have authored some LaTeX packages and papers for TUGboat and ArsTeXnica.

Personal statement: My main interest for the TeX world is in developing good documentation and in promoting good style in document writing and programming.

Supporting LaTeX3 development should be one of the important tasks for TUG in the next years.
2017-02-12 19:08:32 UTC
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Hi Enrico

Thank you for standing for TUG Board. I've visited your TeX and LaTeX page http://profs.scienze.univr.it/~gregorio/egtex.html, which makes me wish that I knew Italian.

Thank you for your work on documentation. I notice that you work in both English and Italian, and in both PDF and web-pages. And that you've use a Creative Commons license for your brief guide to LaTeX http://profs.scienze.univr.it/~gregorio/breveguida.pdf.

I'd welcome hearing your advice and suggestions on documentation and training, based on your extensive experience.